The best payroll software for your company depends on your business size and needs. Top payroll services for small businesses include ADP RUN, Paychex Flex and Gusto. Traditional companies offer customizable plans to fit your needs, while platforms tailored for startups offer straightforward pricing and all-inclusive packages you can get up and running in minutes. In general, customer satisfaction ratings for ADP payroll services are positive.

  1. The ADP Workforce Now software serves as an end-to-end solution to help business owners manage payroll, HR and benefits.
  2. Below the dashboard icons is a graph that displays totals for the last payroll, current bank account balances, and a to-do list.
  3. The beginner plan is a stripped-down easy-to-use basic payroll processing platform for businesses that need a simple payroll system.
  4. Several others appreciate its integration options and HR tools that make onboarding new hires and managing staff information easy for both employees and employers.
  5. Its wide range of solutions for managing the entire employee lifecycle contributed to this provider’s high ratings in this category.

The platform has the flexibility to add on more complex services as companies begin to grow. You cannot get pricing for ADP Run plans without speaking directly to a sales representative about your company’s unique requirements. Based on reports from payroll-only users, the Essential plan starts at $59 per month plus $4 per employee. Gusto offers more transparent pricing tiers, beginning at $40 per month plus $6 per employee.

QuickBooks Payroll starts at $45 per month plus $5 per person per month (option for 50% off for three months or free trial for 30 days). It offers unlimited payroll runs at every plan level, while ADP RUN charges you based on frequency. If you currently use QuickBooks Online, accounting integration will be the easiest with QuickBooks Payroll, although ADP RUN also integrates with QuickBooks Online and other accounting software. However, without the additional purchase of QuickBooks Online, integration with other products is limited. Plus, you’ll have to pay for a higher-tier plan if you want help with payroll setup services and time-tracking features.

In fact, ADP is one of the oldest, most popular payroll companies in the United States. It has decades of experience, a solid reputation, and extensive payroll processing expertise. ADP Workforce Now is an ideal solution for companies that need a complete HR system that can handle any type of business process. It’s also a great fit for small businesses and enterprises that need a single platform to cater to their staffing needs instead of having multiple apps or systems. The Ascent is a Motley Fool service that rates and reviews essential products for your everyday money matters. RUN Powered by ADP offers you a solid payroll application from a payroll leader with years of experience to back it up.

ADP RUN offers full-service payroll features such as tax filings and payments, multi-state payroll and payroll debit cards at all plan levels. With expanded HR features available at higher plan levels, ADP RUN is a good choice if you value scalability and add-on features, such as employee retirement, workers’ compensation and employee health insurance plans. However, higher-tier plans and add-ons drive up the cost of a product and ADP’s lack of pricing transparency makes it difficult to compare RUN to its competitors. ADP Workforce Now is a robust human resources (HR) and payroll software made for medium to large businesses and enterprises. It’s cloud-based, has tons of user-friendly features, is accessible on mobile and desktop devices and is easy to use. In this ADP Workforce Now review, we’ll go over its main features, pricing and plan options as well as its pros and cons so that you can decide whether this product works for your business needs.

However, if you’re interested in customizing a plan or want the option to move between plans, ADP may be a better choice for you. And while OnPay integrates with QuickBooks, Xero and some other apps, it can’t match the integration options offered by ADP. RUN offers an impressive list of key payroll features, even at the lowest-tier Essential plan. You can run payroll from your office computer or a mobile device and pay your employees by check, direct deposit or through ADP’s direct debit card. RUN offers expanded tax filing services that include responding to inquiries from taxing agencies on your company’s behalf.

Designed specifically for businesses with fewer than 49 employees, RUN’s intuitive navigation and use of wizards make it a good option for business owners with little or no payroll or accounting experience. Its contractor-only plan has no base price for the first six months, then increases to $35 a month plus $6 per person paid from there. However, Gusto focuses far more on payroll than it does on HR, which makes it a better choice than ADP if your business doesn’t need comprehensive HR.

ADP Workforce Now

Issues that involved taxes were mentioned by users of both products in their reviews. Each platform offers many benefits including integrated onboarding and employee self-service features that make it easy to manage HR functions. For many businesses, adp run reviews the lack of transparent pricing on the site is a major deterrent. Without speaking to a sales agent, you cannot determine the cost of the software for your firm’s requirements, which can be tiresome and time-consuming for a small business owner.

RUN is recommended for businesses with up to 49 employees, but it can still be used by larger businesses. Four packages are offered with additional features included as you move up the tiers. Yes, ADP integrates with hundreds of third-party business apps, including a good amount of popular accounting, human resource, HCM, finance, personnel management and expense management services.

ADP RUN Reviews

ADP RUN is geared for small businesses with one to 49 employees, but can also be used by businesses with 50 or more employees. Running payroll by hand is a time consuming process with plenty of opportunities for error, including incorrect paycheck calculations or missed payroll tax deadlines. In contrast, payroll software companies like ADP let you process payroll automatically, which can include automatically deducting and submitting payroll taxes. PEOs are almost always more expensive than in-house payroll software. However, since ADP doesn’t list prices for any product besides Roll by ADP online, we can’t say how much more expensive ADP TotalSource is than a product like ADP RUN.

Worst service

However, you can sign up for a separate ADP product called WorkMarket to manage and pay 1099 employees. On the other hand, comments on the fee structure and not wanting to pay extra for services were mentioned by customers who rated ADP highly overall. You are alerted to confirm each step of the payroll process and can easily move between a computer and mobile device. As a global PEO with an employer of record service, Papaya Global helps businesses pay workers in 160+ countries and in local currencies.

What are the best payroll services available?

Besides payroll, it also provides management for employee benefits, such as health and retirement. Employees can even automate charitable donations and create a wallet allowing them more control over how and when they spend money. In terms of user feedback, those who left positive ADP Run reviews like its ease of use and how its payroll tools help them save time and simplify processes. Several others appreciate its integration options and HR tools that make onboarding new hires and managing staff information easy for both employees and employers. In our evaluation of the best payroll software for small businesses, ADP Run earned an overall rating of 4.06 out of 5.

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Aside from helping you stay compliant with tax regulations, payroll requirements, and wage laws, ADP will provide the latest updates so that you are on top of all the regulatory changes across all 50 states constantly. ADP Run also has a smart system that notifies you if it spots potential payroll errors. To enhance ADP Run’s functionality, you can purchase some of its products as paid add-ons (custom priced).

The best payroll provider for your company depends on your business size and needs. Top payroll services for small businesses include OnPay, Gusto and ADP RUN. The Essential plan is designed for startups and established companies that need basic payroll tools.

However, in contrast to ADP competitors like Gusto, integrating benefits with ADP’s payroll software costs an extra fee. Roll by ADP is a chat-based mobile app that can be used to pay employees and contractors anywhere in the U.S. Also, ADP’s Workforce Now, with three tiered packages, is an option for businesses with 50 to 999 employees. ADP also offers plans for organizations with 1,000 or more employees or ones that employ workers over multiple countries. These include ADP Global Payroll, ADP Celergo and ADP GlobalView Payroll. To review payroll software, including ADP’s payroll processing systems, we do our best to either set up free trial accounts or schedule demos to get personal experience with the products we review.

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