According to our historical data, it is currently profitable to invest in Regalcoin. The price of Regalcoin decreased by -24.88% in the last 1 year, while the coin’s 3-year performance is -93.40%. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) momentum oscillator is a popular indicator that signals whether a cryptocurrency is oversold (below 30) or overbought (above 70).

  1. The 200-day SMA is calculated by taking Regalcoin’s closing prices in the last 200 days, adding them together, and dividing the total by 200.
  2. Currently, the Regalcoin Fear & Greed Index stands at 55, which means that investors’ sentiment is in the so-called Greed zone.
  3. was nothing more than a crypto ponzi scheme which is one of the major Cryptocurrency Scams and I was just one of the many victims that fell for their scam.

Since 2017, DigitalCoinPrice has become one of the trusted brands within the crypto community. This success award goes to the combination of people, accurate crypto market analysis and data, the latest news, latest blogs, advertisement placements, and many more. To get a better idea of what could happen to the Regalcoin price in the future, it’s helpful to also explore Regalcoin’s price history. So, if you’re considering investing in a new crypto project, take the time to do your research. Read the whitepaper, look into the team and business behind the project, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The market capitalization of Regalcoin can change significantly in a short period of time. Many cryptocurrency traders pay close attention to the markets when the current Regalcoin price crosses an important moving average like the 200-day SMA. In addition to the simple moving average (SMA), traders also use another login regalcoin type of moving average called the exponential moving average (EMA). The EMA gives more weight to more recent prices, and therefore reacts more quickly to recent price action. The RSI (Relative Strength Index) is a very popular technical indicator used to analyze prices of a variety of assets, including Regalcoin.

The Fear & Greed Index combines several market and investment indicators, including 30- and 90-day volatility, trading volume, social media activity, and Google Trends data. The Fear & Greed Index can be a useful measure of Regalcoin investors’ sentiment, and is based primarily on Bitcoin-related market data. Presently, Regalcoin is listed under three major crypto exchanges, namely,, and

On 10th October, this decentralized coin has listed in a Coinexchange market and surged rapidly with a 2000% increase in its initial price. The currency is processed much like how Bitcoin does in the present market. However, this cryptocurrency is blockchain-based and thus not controlled by any institutions/government.

What was the lowest price?

Most traders use candlestick charts, as they provide more information than a simple line chart. Regalcoin traders use a variety of tools to try and determine the direction in which the REC market is likely to head next. Just like with any other asset, the price action of Regalcoin is driven by supply and demand. These dynamics can be influenced by fundamental events such as block reward halvings, hard forks or new protocol updates. Regulations, adoption by companies and governments, cryptocurrency exchange hacks, and other real-world events can also affect the price of REC.

REC Price & Market Stats

Click on any of the currencies that you want to add to the YoBit platform. You can add your existing currencies or add new currencies by buying them from the third-party wallet that you have. So click on the crypto that you want to top up and select the “+” button under the Deposit tab. Regulations governing cryptocurrencies vary by jurisdiction and may change over time, which could impact the legality and use of cryptocurrencies. Regalcoin price in US Dollar has increased by 0.00% in the last 1 month.

About Regalcoin

Currencies that are positively correlated with Regalcoin indicate that the movement of one has a statistically significant weight to lead the other in the same direction. Over the past 7 days, Regalcoin price was most positively correlated with the price of and most negatively correlated with the price of . It’s a tale as old as time, and yet it still stings just as much every time it happens. I fell for a crypto scam, like coinbase scam except that was the perpetrator. I’m not the only victim but I think I need to share my story as it’s a learnable experience. Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are a good way to earn money in the cryptocurrency realm.

Regalcoin has acquired a large portion of the present cryptocurrency market in a short span of time. Since its launch, REC’s success has spread across diverse social networks and crypto community platforms. The best instant cryptocurrency exchange platform with the best exchange rates for BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, ADA and 140+ other cryptocurrencies.

Track Regalcoin price in real time, including market cap, volume, chart and all important REC coin stats for today

It happens when a new coin comes into the market with some good potential. People sometimes get lured by the profit margin and some good promotional activities. This is the point where many people do a mistake- dive into the sea without knowing what is under the water. Hardware wallet is the safest way to manage & trade your cryptocurrencies. The table above shows the number of days which Regalcoin closed above a certain price level.

The platform is basically on a simplified user interface thus; by just registering via its web wallet or by downloading the app, you can transact REC. Upon registration, enter your wallet address and the REC sum you want to transfer. Investors should conduct their own research and analysis before making any investment decisions.

In the table below you can find two types of moving averages, simple moving average (SMA) and exponential moving average (EMA). Let’s use a 1-hour candlestick chart as an example of how this type of price chart gives us information about opening and closing prices. The chart is divided into “candles” that give us information about Regalcoin’s price action in 1-hour chunks. Each candlestick will display REC’s opening price, closing price, as well as the highest and lowest prices that Regalcoin reached within the 1-hour period.

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Currently, the RSI value is at 82.37, which indicates that the REC market is in a overbought position. For some exchanges there is depth percent it shows how much liquidity is available, live bids 2% up or down from the current price. There is only one crypto exchanges on which you can trade REC, you can buy REC with USD, and with one crypto pair BTC.

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